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DMP’s new license

I didn’t want to make any more posts until I finally finished the administrative work I wanted to do for this blog, but DMP’s latest Twitter announcement is too exciting.  Well, thank goodness there’s something to cheer me up after Lilly Scott not making it into the Top 12.

2009 Great Yaoi Manga Gift Guide

Okay, I am recycling this idea from my own personal blog, but as a general bl-fan, this is what I would push forth if the reader is in search for good bl-books to check out. I was initially inspired by Yuricon’s aka Erica Friedman’s initial call for bloggers to list graphic novels as gift ideas, […]

Review: S vol. 1

S vol. 1 Story by Saki Aida Art by Chiharu Nara Published by Juné Price: $8.95 USD ISBN: 9781569707067 Putting a moment and eternity together is a bit of a contradiction. Shiiba is a young, pretty detective working undercover for the Arms and Narcotics division of the police.  To track down smuggled weapons and the […]

Review: Body Language

Body Language Story by Aki Morimoto Art by Tsubaki Enomoto Published by Juné Price: $8.95 USD ISBN: 9781569707678 If it’s sex that you want, then why not me? Self-centered Yuichi has gone through so many women that there is no one left willing to date him at the university.  The only thing Yuichi really misses […]

Review: Sweet Admiration

Sweet Admiration Story by Yuuki Kousaka Art by Midori Shena Published by Juné Price: $8.95 USD ISBN: 9781569707326 They lost themselves in each other, and the two of them felt like they were melting together, becoming one. Twelve years ago, there were two brothers that spent the summer in the country, near Katsuya, who was […]

Review: Can’t Win With You vol. 1

Can’t Win With You vol. 1 Story by Satosumi Takaguchi Art by Yukine Honami Published by Juné Price: $12.95 USD ISBN: 1569708126 I’ll join your harem. Yuuhi Torishima loves soccer and intends to use an inherited mountain to build a soccer field. His father and brother, however, would prefer that he let Shuiku Academy, the […]

Review: Truly Kindly

Truly Kindly Story and art by Fumi Yoshinaga Published by BLU Price: $9.99 USD ISBN: 9781427800558 It’s not just that I love you…but because I know that you love me, too. Truly Kindly was the first Fumi Yoshinaga work I read and it was a rocky start for someone who likes sweet, romantic, fluffy stories […]

Review: La Vie En Rose

La Vie en Rose Story and art by Sakurako Yamada Published by Juné Price: $12.95 USD ISBN: 1569708320 A lot of men want him…but the customers at the bar wouldn’t dare touch him. Some years ago, Fujimori wrote a highly successful love story. Like any wise publisher, Fujimori’s decides that he should do so again. […]