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Deux Press releases for the early part of 2009

Okay.. I have been thinking that there wasn’t any bl-ish news for me to report.. and here I found it on the Japanator I was randomly going around my 1000+ posts on G-reader. There was reporting as well from here. What I was surprised by was – why didn’t Deux Press didn’t release the […]

Deux Release for 2009

Okay, grabbed this from Boys on Boys on Film- that Kris got some tips from Yaoi Con. January 2009: Take Me to Heaven by Nase Yamato Japanese title: Tsureteke Tengoku February 2009: Love Round! by Hinako Takanaga Japanese title: Love Round! Noodle Shop Affair by CJ Michalski Japanese title: Himitsu na Kankei March 2009: Naughty […]