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DMP’s new license

I didn’t want to make any more posts until I finally finished the administrative work I wanted to do for this blog, but DMP’s latest Twitter announcement is too exciting.  Well, thank goodness there’s something to cheer me up after Lilly Scott not making it into the Top 12.

Kuma-chan is gay.. ^_^

I forgot to talk about this.. ahh but after Utada’s concert ended on for NYC on Monday to Tuesday, thought it would be fun to point this out. FYI. Kuma-chan is international singer Utada Hikaru’s teddy bear. She wrote a song dedicated to Kuma-chan that is one of my top ten songs of hers. So […]

Be Beauitful finally goes

ANN reports on a report of the liquidation of Central Park Media.  I admit that I selfishly stopped caring about them since the Youka Nitta scandal meant no more Embracing Love anyway, but it must be a bit of a relief to fans that Kizuna and Playboy Blues can get a clean slate elsewhere.  Good […]

Gakuen Heaven on PSP!

After companies started porting PS2 adventure games (which were sometimes ported from PC adventure games) to PSP and DS, I wondered why they weren’t doing the same with BL games. I can only hope that this is just a start and a flurry of other PS2 games I’ve always pined after are right behind, waiting […]

New Yaoi manga publisher webstore

I noticed this story on ANN and though…oooh.. more money for people to throw away to…. similar to the way 801 Media and Drama Queen have their own online stores for their products, a new yaoi publisher – Yaoi Generation, unveils its new webstore, with a push for sales toward their first English release of […]

BL books in Japanese public library causes disagreements

Hmmm.. I vaguely recall reading about a story that might be the same, or similar to the one I am going to mention about. ……a question to the Sakai City website in July demanding to know why there were so many “Boy’s Love” manga in the libraries. Such titles have loyal followings of female readers […]

Deux Press releases for the early part of 2009

Okay.. I have been thinking that there wasn’t any bl-ish news for me to report.. and here I found it on the Japanator I was randomly going around my 1000+ posts on G-reader. There was reporting as well from here. What I was surprised by was – why didn’t Deux Press didn’t release the […]

speaking of small publishers

Lady Q posts another update: Tyrant QC is done :) so next phase is printing!!! OK – we will be updating the website with pre-order for weekend after Thanks Giving – that would be Nov. 29th that Saturday. Whew, I was beginning to worry my fujoshi faith powers had shut down the wrong company. Read […]

Boysenberry didn’t even get to ripen

Anime News Network reports that Broccoli International USA will be no more.  Since Boysenberry is an imprint of Broccoli Books, I think it’s safe to assume that we will not be seeing Cigarette Kisses or Sex Friend in English (until some other company can pick them up).  In the two or so years that Boysenberry […]

DramaQueen printing again

I didn’t believe that we would see anything from DramaQueen again.  My faith was not strong enough. The schedule is that we will print 1 book every 6-8 weeks until we pick up again with multiple titles. The first book to arrive in NOVEMBER 2008 is Tyrant Falls in Love v01 – FINALLY!!!! Read the full […]