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2009 Great Yaoi Manga Gift Guide

Okay, I am recycling this idea from my own personal blog, but as a general bl-fan, this is what I would push forth if the reader is in search for good bl-books to check out. I was initially inspired by Yuricon’s aka Erica Friedman’s initial call for bloggers to list graphic novels as gift ideas, […]

Slashable Couple: Watanuki/Domeki

artwork by Nikki-Aino Okay the male leads from xxxHolic. Convention would label them rivals/best friends, but I imagine as a fujoshi – there is a deeper meaning. There is obvious fan services with this pairing, and probably CLAMP even intended it to be so. Jilly believes that is the case, since she suggested this as […]

Slashable Couple: Phoenix/Miles

So this is the first entry from a couple, who I think that can be a couple, but conventions states they’re not.