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DMP’s new license

I didn’t want to make any more posts until I finally finished the administrative work I wanted to do for this blog, but DMP’s latest Twitter announcement is too exciting.  Well, thank goodness there’s something to cheer me up after Lilly Scott not making it into the Top 12.

Be Beauitful finally goes

ANN reports on a report of the liquidation of Central Park Media.  I admit that I selfishly stopped caring about them since the Youka Nitta scandal meant no more Embracing Love anyway, but it must be a bit of a relief to fans that Kizuna and Playboy Blues can get a clean slate elsewhere.  Good […]

Gakuen Heaven on PSP!

After companies started porting PS2 adventure games (which were sometimes ported from PC adventure games) to PSP and DS, I wondered why they weren’t doing the same with BL games. I can only hope that this is just a start and a flurry of other PS2 games I’ve always pined after are right behind, waiting […]

January Releases

801 Media Don’t Rush Love by Mio Tennohji BLU Junjo Romantica vol. 8 by Shungiku Nakamaru Deux Press Take Me to Heaven by Yamato Nase Juné Desire: Dangerous Feelings by Maki Kazumi and Yukine Honami Tricky Prince by Yukari Hashida Double Trouble by Takashi Kanzaki Junior Escort vol. 2: Love Code by Sakurako Hanafubuki The […]

Happy belated birthday, Ayase!

The cute little over-18 uke from Okane ga nai‘s birthday was actually January 2, a New Year and birthday celebration!  While the couple celebrates with cake and more alcohol than Ayase can handle, Fujochic will celebrate with a new look!

December Releases

801 Media His Arrogance by Takashi Kanzaki BLU You Will Fall in Love vol. 1 by Hinako Takanaga Deux Press I Shall Never Return vol. 5 by Kazuna Uchida Red Blinds the Foolish by Est Em Juné Sea View by Ayumi Kano White Brand by Youka Nitta Secret Moon by Siira Gou and Sato Tomoe […]

speaking of small publishers

Lady Q posts another update: Tyrant QC is done :) so next phase is printing!!! OK – we will be updating the website with pre-order for weekend after Thanks Giving – that would be Nov. 29th that Saturday. Whew, I was beginning to worry my fujoshi faith powers had shut down the wrong company. Read […]

Boysenberry didn’t even get to ripen

Anime News Network reports that Broccoli International USA will be no more.  Since Boysenberry is an imprint of Broccoli Books, I think it’s safe to assume that we will not be seeing Cigarette Kisses or Sex Friend in English (until some other company can pick them up).  In the two or so years that Boysenberry […]

Review: S vol. 1

S vol. 1 Story by Saki Aida Art by Chiharu Nara Published by Juné Price: $8.95 USD ISBN: 9781569707067 Putting a moment and eternity together is a bit of a contradiction. Shiiba is a young, pretty detective working undercover for the Arms and Narcotics division of the police.  To track down smuggled weapons and the […]

Fujoshi are awful

Well, I’m glad she’s dead, though. I know!  Prince has to be with Kazuhi!  There’s no need for female characters. A friend and I were looking at Hotaru Odagiri’s story in Asuka a while ago and we had a conversation similar to the one above from Fujoshi Rumi. “Aw, there’s a girl in it.” “Maybe […]