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Dale Lazarov and Bastian Jonsson’s Nightlife

Dale Lazarov is a writer, editor, and developer, who co-author with artists. This is my third purchase of Dale Lazarov’s works, and to say that I am not disappointed. Not one bit at all. I pretty much devoured the book in less than a half-hour of receiving the book from Book Depository. Similar to the […]

Kuma-chan is gay.. ^_^

I forgot to talk about this.. ahh but after Utada’s concert ended on for NYC on Monday to Tuesday, thought it would be fun to point this out. FYI. Kuma-chan is international singer Utada Hikaru’s teddy bear. She wrote a song dedicated to Kuma-chan that is one of my top ten songs of hers. So […]

2009 Great Yaoi Manga Gift Guide

Okay, I am recycling this idea from my own personal blog, but as a general bl-fan, this is what I would push forth if the reader is in search for good bl-books to check out. I was initially inspired by Yuricon’s aka Erica Friedman’s initial call for bloggers to list graphic novels as gift ideas, […]

Sean Michael- Velvet Glove – Part 1

A while ago, my time has been consumed with reading original fiction by Sean Michael. Warning, his website is not really organized, and I find that he also writes on live journal. I first learned of him, from my time of reviewing Torque Press e-books. So far, I am hooked onto reading more of his […]

Slashable Couple: Watanuki/Domeki

artwork by Nikki-Aino Okay the male leads from xxxHolic. Convention would label them rivals/best friends, but I imagine as a fujoshi – there is a deeper meaning. There is obvious fan services with this pairing, and probably CLAMP even intended it to be so. Jilly believes that is the case, since she suggested this as […]

Review: The President’s Time

The President’s Time Story and Art by Tamaki Kirishima Published by 801 Media Price: $15.95 USD ISBN: 9781934129197 I really like this release by 801 Media, they actually mentioned an small joke of Kinikuman… Still I thought it was quite sweet. The premises of this story is about Mutsuki Nagasawa and his attempt to live […]

Antique Bakery – across the board – dorama, anime and manga

Okay, this past weekend, I went on a marathon watching the anime and drama of Antique Bakery, and then reading the manga series… I have also seen some reviews mention how short the manga was, and how bad the drama was. I don’t want to even say how I was so confused by the anime.. […]

BDSM… Sean Micahel Reviews…

A while ago.. last summer I read and wrote a review for an e-book, Bent by Sean Michael. This is a gay erotic novel, that was quite long. It broke down into over 1000 pages on my smart phone’s mobi-reader. I still enjoy nearly every minute of it though. Should the concept of spanking or […]

Small ode to Aarinfantasy Forum

I feel like typing an ode to a forum I go on at moments.. (ahem) here are my feelings… Oh forum of many manga, and anime… why oh why.. are you so hard to navigate sometimes? Why does it seem like the few contributors contribute first, and that leaves others wondering how will they earn […]

New Yaoi manga publisher webstore

I noticed this story on ANN and though…oooh.. more money for people to throw away to…. similar to the way 801 Media and Drama Queen have their own online stores for their products, a new yaoi publisher – Yaoi Generation, unveils its new webstore, with a push for sales toward their first English release of […]