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Small ode to Aarinfantasy Forum

I feel like typing an ode to a forum I go on at moments.. (ahem) here are my feelings…

Oh forum of many manga, and anime… why oh why.. are you so hard to navigate sometimes?

Why does it seem like the few contributors contribute first, and that leaves others wondering how will they earn points?

Also how to know what is the hottest trend in Yaoi that is out there?

Why…. are you so hard to navigate?

Now that, to the few readers out there, is something I think about.. so just a rambling rant..

9 Responses to “Small ode to Aarinfantasy Forum”

  1. Jilly says:

    Hrrrm…I find it very easy to navigate^^;

  2. miz says:

    I think I am intimidated by the enormity of the forum itself though…

  3. Jilly says:

    Ooh, I see. It’s not the organization of the forum, but the breadth of its contents…or something like that.

    I almost sounded philosophical.

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