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Review: S vol. 1

S vol. 1 S vol. 1
Story by Saki Aida
Art by Chiharu Nara
Published by Juné
Price: $8.95 USD
ISBN: 9781569707067

Putting a moment and eternity together is a bit of a contradiction.

Shiiba is a young, pretty detective working undercover for the Arms and Narcotics division of the police.  To track down smuggled weapons and the like, he has a contact, his “S”.  Between a detective and his S, there is only trust; Shiiba’s S tells him the information that he needs for arms busts and the detective parts with information and exerts influence that helps the S avoid trouble of his own.  Because of the tragic conclusion to a simple grudge (or more likely, part of some bigger conspiracy yet to be revealed), Shiiba is in need of a new S.  Lucky for him, the perfect fit for one has recently been screwing with him, almost literally.

A businessman with familial ties to the criminal world, Munechika is at first only interested in the young detective because of the former S’s fascination with him.  Watching the pretty detective jerk off Meeting with Shiiba frequently, however, it seems that the businessman has developed genuine feelings for him.  Shiiba, for his part, can’t stop thinking about the man who wants sexual “treats” in exchange for information.  Not exactly sweet from the start, what with Shiiba thinking of sex with this man as a means to an end and Munechika seemingly with other ulterior motives, it does become sweet once they start getting to know each other.  So not always sweet, but always hot.

While the main story is told with Shiiba’s perspective in mind, there is a short, somewhat funny story with Munechika’s perspective.  Cute is the best way to describe it, seeing Shiiba through Munechika’s eyes.

I only saw four S novels on Amazon Japan and Juné’s site also only says four, so I’m going to assume the series stops at four.  (Lucky number!:p)  In any case, the first volume of S ends cleanly enough that readers don’t have to agonize if the second volume isn’t already in their hands, but leaves enough going on for future volumes.  The more pressing plot points, the human relationships (Shiiba and Munechika, Shiiba and his brother) are resolved, so I’m assuming they won’t drag on and make readers feel worse, but the exciting stuff, the detective work has a ways to go.  I’m still expecting to find out more about the former S, the Chinese gun manufacturer, and Shiiba’s sister.

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