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DMP’s new license

I didn’t want to make any more posts until I finally finished the administrative work I wanted to do for this blog, but DMP’s latest Twitter announcement is too exciting.  Well, thank goodness there’s something to cheer me up after Lilly Scott not making it into the Top 12.

Dale Lazarov and Bastian Jonsson’s Nightlife

Dale Lazarov is a writer, editor, and developer, who co-author with artists. This is my third purchase of Dale Lazarov’s works, and to say that I am not disappointed. Not one bit at all. I pretty much devoured the book in less than a half-hour of receiving the book from Book Depository. Similar to the other works of Dale’s, this is an adult gay porn graphic novel with no text, and the meaning of an image being a thousand words is the idea.

The book has three stories, each with a nightlife feature, where the characters meet other under circumstances that can be terms good or bad. Hard Cases, Layover, and Closing Time. It was quite hard to choose which is my favorite, since all three stories were quite delicious and hot looking. Yet, I still have to say that Closing Time was what I was thinking “awwww” over. Based on the reason that there is a clear passage of time shown of the couple. The other two stories had a different ending for the couples, one was clearly a one night stand, and the other vacation lovers.

Another aspect I noticed that is quite different from Manly or Sticky is the premises, that the men’s tongue  in some scenes were quite shiny and damp. I have never seen that before, and definitely gave a more realistic quality to this otherwise 2-d graphic comic.

With every story that Dale Lazarov writes, there is the same premises, two really hot and buff guys doing one another in ways that can be considered illegal by people who won’t support the premises, but I view it as a matter of equality. Fortunately this is my response to bara aka manly love being available in the U.S. for a female fan like me. I really look forward to more of Dale Lazarov’s book, and from this NSFW link, there is the promise of another book going to be releasing soon. ^_^

Kuma-chan is gay.. ^_^

I forgot to talk about this.. ahh but after Utada’s concert ended on for NYC on Monday to Tuesday, thought it would be fun to point this out. FYI. Kuma-chan is international singer Utada Hikaru’s teddy bear.

She wrote a song dedicated to Kuma-chan that is one of my top ten songs of hers.

So Hikki wrote this in San Francisco on her US tour

Gay Kuma series :)

Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he’s a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls…) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

That is just sooo cute… ^_^

2009 Great Yaoi Manga Gift Guide

Okay, I am recycling this idea from my own personal blog, but as a general bl-fan, this is what I would push forth if the reader is in search for good bl-books to check out. I was initially inspired by Yuricon’s aka Erica Friedman’s initial call for bloggers to list graphic novels as gift ideas, since New York Times didn’t bother to recommend any graphic novels.

Not everyone is a boy’s love/yaoi fan. This genre is a very specific niche in terms of manga – where there is an acceptance on homosexuality relations and love between two men. Now this list will most likely be suited for 16+ and adult readers. This list will also be of interest to already reading or beginning to read yaoi manga. So be forewarned if this is not your cuppa tea. This list of books is also chosen from an assumption that these books will definitely be your best worth for what is definitely out there in terms of relevant Yaoi manga. (P.S. Not going to go into bara, since that is a little too out of the left field.)

Many of these titles are generally not available at bookstores, so if you look over this list and find what you like, best bet would be for going to Amazon or Akadotretail (Maegane recommends this) or Borders. Now why would I say Borders over Barns & Noble? Because in my experience, they are a physical chain bookstore, that offer a much better Yaoi selection, and members rewards on a weekly event – this is even with Barns & Noble currently having the Nook. Oh also Deux is having an incredible fan sale with titles going for about $5 to $9.

Also another nugget of though before I jump into this list, would be a tweet that NY_Anime_Fest actually tweeted several months ago:

Emo is moe for girls!

Read More »

Be Beauitful finally goes

ANN reports on a report of the liquidation of Central Park Media.  I admit that I selfishly stopped caring about them since the Youka Nitta scandal meant no more Embracing Love anyway, but it must be a bit of a relief to fans that Kizuna and Playboy Blues can get a clean slate elsewhere.  Good luck to all former (and current?) employees.

Gakuen Heaven on PSP!

After companies started porting PS2 adventure games (which were sometimes ported from PC adventure games) to PSP and DS, I wondered why they weren’t doing the same with BL games. I can only hope that this is just a start and a flurry of other PS2 games I’ve always pined after are right behind, waiting to be reincarnated into PSP games.

A quick glance at the giant headings looks like the anime-only characters are making their way into the PSP version of Gakuen Heaven.

Sean Michael- Velvet Glove – Part 1

A while ago, my time has been consumed with reading original fiction by Sean Michael. Warning, his website is not really organized, and I find that he also writes on live journal.

I first learned of him, from my time of reviewing Torque Press e-books. So far, I am hooked onto reading more of his stories. I really like his possessive “One True Pair” pairings, with some exceptions.

I am actually not sure if this is the characteristics of a fujoshi… I imagine it is more like enjoying to read gay smut, with a bite to it. I actually have another post, that is similar to my thoughts about this subject. As a fan though, I am consistently trying to examine what makes something tick, hence my constant questioning on what makes a fan or a fujoshi?

Sean Michael has written over 100 various e-books for Torque Press, and some to my chagrin is only available on print. One of the series I have read from him is the Velvet Glove series, which is a Science Fiction world of an exclusive BDSM club for men. Currently, there are four volumes, and multiple side stories. Stories are connective, and it depends on a fetish if you would enjoy these type of stories. But mostly on nearly every page, there is scenes of sex or smut, and lots of loving. Quite similar to watching a porn…but interesting in how the character’s interact.

In Volume Three, the top actually reminded me of Gin from Bleach. I could just shiver as he gets very sado masochistic with his bottom, who reminds me of a strong teddy bear.

I can’t say I have a favorite pairing,  but somehow it amazes me on how many fetishes there can be. One of these days, as I don’t have something better to do, might just make one of those character trees, since there are so many inter-connected recurring characters in the Velvet Glove world.

This is a series that is much more fleshed out than his other contemporary series of Hammer, which is an exclusive BDSM club, he writes about. I can only say that I am always anxiously waiting for what next story will come from this author.

Oh the reason why this is a part 1 is because of how unwilling am I to let go of this author.. and who knows if I might be inspired to write another blog entry on my love for his stories. Now if I can only find other gay erotica author of the same scope?

Slashable Couple: Watanuki/Domeki

hyakuyon_by_nikki_ainoartwork by Nikki-Aino

Okay the male leads from xxxHolic. Convention would label them rivals/best friends, but I imagine as a fujoshi – there is a deeper meaning. There is obvious fan services with this pairing, and probably CLAMP even intended it to be so. Jilly believes that is the case, since she suggested this as a couple to talk about. I think they are very cute, as Domeki does actions that make Watanuki flip all over him.

Watanuki is considered to be the male lead, assisting with Yuko. He is her manservant, cooking and cleaning; obviously the uke-material. Still he says that he has a crush on Himawari, but that is his idea of being a normal high schooler, so what would happen if he doesn’t have that normal wish – and this is very common male trait with people who attract the supernatural, and want to run away from it all. Doesn’t this remind anyone of Haruto from Hunted Junction?

Enters Domeki is his supposedly rival, but there are moments in the anime that make me think – wow these are a nice match. Such as the times when Watanuki cooks, and this is usally Domeki’s choice. I recall one time, Watanuki started to blush after Domeki commented on it… so that is pretty cute. Domeki also has patience to counter Watanuki’s panic sessions. He’s so serious and quiet, that make me think of seme material. Any other ideas to think about this couple?

Review: The President’s Time

The President’s Time
Story and Art by
Tamaki Kirishima
Published by 801 Media
Price: $15.95 USD
ISBN: 9781934129197

I really like this release by 801 Media, they actually mentioned an small joke of Kinikuman… Still I thought it was quite sweet. The premises of this story is about Mutsuki Nagasawa and his attempt to live up to his dying father’s last wish: to be the evilest boss to walk on the planet! Unfortunately, Matsuki is everything that is not of an evil potential. He’s pretty timid and law abiding citizen. His idea of committing a crime is to jay walk, draw graffiti, or litter. Read More »

January Releases

801 Media
Don’t Rush Love by Mio Tennohji

Junjo Romantica vol. 8 by Shungiku Nakamaru

Deux Press
Take Me to Heaven by Yamato Nase

Desire: Dangerous Feelings by Maki Kazumi and Yukine Honami
Tricky Prince by Yukari Hashida
Double Trouble by Takashi Kanzaki
Junior Escort vol. 2: Love Code by Sakurako Hanafubuki
The Guilty vol. 2 by Katsura Izumi and Hinako Takanaga
Where Has Love Gone? by Ryoku Tsunoda

Not a BL release, and not even written for females, but Amazon claims that the third volume of Fujoshi Rumi will be out later this month, which can be a damn funny series for BL fans who don’t mind a little ribbing.